Monday, March 10, 2014

Cowgirl Up!

I love the Houston Rodeo. I'm pretty much a suburb girl. I like living outside the city but close enough to enjoy its benefits.
I've never roped a calf, and I've only been on a horse once in my life.
But I LOVE country music. I love the appeal of country life--honest, hardworking people.
So, I try to go to the rodeo a couple times each year. If you're ever in Houston for the rodeo, don't miss it. It's huge, it's fun, and it's for 3 weeks, which means surely there's a night you can go.
Saturday, I went with my friend Jamie and a bunch of her friends. We all went to HBU at the same time, but somehow, I only knew Jamie.
We saw Chris Young. I wish I liked more of his songs because his voice is fantastic--classic country. The concert was great, but his songs just aren't my favorite. Weird.
My other favorite thing about the rodeo is the food. I ate Mexican food and ended with a cupcake with ice cream in the middle. It was heavenly. There's a line of food vendors--from fried oreos to wine tastings, from burritos to sausage on a stick, from BBQ to frozen hot chocolate. Go hungry and leave stuffed.
Last, there's a carnival where you can take a spin on rides and win prizes like this:
Where is she going to put that in her house?
Fantastic fun--can't wait to go back this week!


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