Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The Choice

Congrats to LAWonder for winning Promise Me This. :)
This week, I'm giving away The Choice by Robert Whitlow. I haven't read it yet because I let my sister read the books first since I'm always behind, but it's next on my to-read pile. I love Whitlow's books.
To enter to win, leave a comment about a choice you once had to make. Of course, I think the most important choice I ever made was to accept Jesus as my personal savior. Another choice that I think was important for me in the last year was to move back in with my mom. I am trying hard to get out of debt, and moving in with her has helped me tackle that debt.I was moving like a sloth (my favorite animal) when I was living alone, but even with paying her some rent money, I am now moving like a gazelle. (If you've done Dave Ramsey, you'll get the gazelle reference.) Plus, my mom was a little lonely living alone after my dad's death, so now she has me for company. It's a win-win.

I can only ship to the US. Get a second entry by following the blog (leave a comment that you follow). Also, be sure to leave an email address so that I can contact you.

Past winners: I know I've been slow to mail, but I'm mailing books today!


LAWonder said...
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LAWonder said...

I have made many bad choices as well as good ones.
I once had a choice to end a marriage full of turmoil or to stick it out at least until we had our children raised. I weighed the pros against the cons and the pros won. We continued to have huge arguments and problems but by the time our last of eight children were raised, we had worked out the majority of our problems and ended up serving a mission together. I couldn't ask for a more perfect husband.
I am not saying this is true for all people but for us it was the best choice.

Brenda said...

Please don't enter me in the contest because I have this book already, just wanted to say hello. I found your blog while doing some surfing and I am now following you. I always love finding reviewers that read the same sort of books that I do.Have a wonderful week.

Vera said...

Hi Laura!

Glad your move back in with your Mom is working well for you and that you are moving forward with making good choices in your life. Mine? Well, at 73 there have been so many choices that one is hard to pick out. Sometimes the choice is to get up and keep going. But I think that my best and wisest choice is that I prefer to let God be in control of my life and accept what He has in His will for me.

If I win the, it will be shelved at the Alamance Christian School library. I don't believe I've read this author, so only enter me in the contest if the book is appropriate for a Christian school library....

Loraine Ertelt said...

I have loved everything I have read by Robert Whitlow. The Choice is on my to-read list.

I follow you via e-mail.


Jan Marie said...

I too feel that the most important decision I ever made was to commit my life to following and serving Christ.

On a different level however, I would say that one of the most important and difficult decisions I made was to run for election on the school board. Being a naturally shy and reserved person, this was an extremely hard choice for me to make. I did win the election and served for eight years - that was a life-changing decision, not only because of the things I had to deal with while on the board but it changed me as a person.

I am a follower via GFC.

I have enjoyed reading some of Robert Whitlow's books and appreciate the opportunity to win this one.

Jan Marie


Bethany said...

I haven't read this author before and would love a chance to read him! Ahh, good old Dave Ramsey ;-)

cbus.blogger at gmail dot com

Bethany said...

I'm a follower!